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From Mass Evangelist To Soul Friend

June 23, 2014

Leighton Ford’s new ministry is, in many ways, like his former calling—only more personal.

By Lauren F. Winner | posted on 10/10/00

Waitress Susie Stevens was hoping work would wind down quickly so she could get to her yoga class in Charlotte, North Carolina. Then, at table three, a conversation about prayer caught her attention.

“We get a lot of business luncheons,” Stevens says, “so when my customers are talking about something more interesting than turning a profit, I notice.”

Especially when the customer is 6’4″ and speaks with clipped Ontario vowels, quite distinct from the local drawl. He was telling a younger fellow about prayer, Bible-reading, and how talking regularly with a spiritual director could lead to inner depth and fulfillment.

That older customer was revival evangelist-turned-spiritual director Leighton Ford, and his spiritually seasoned conversation inadvertently set Stevens onto a new path. Growing restless with burning sage and sitting Zen, and intrigued by Ford’s conversation, Stevens began a search that led to a spiritual director, Bible study, and drawing close to Jesus

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