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Billy Wants to Preach One More Time

June 24, 2014

When Jeanie took some friends to visit her 91-year old big brother a few weeks ago he was feeling better and chippier, and his voice was much stronger than it has been.

And he told Jeanie: “I would like to preach one more time.”

That’s unlikely at his age. But, who knows, with that desire?

But: if he was able to preach one more time, what do you think his text and theme would be?

You have a guess?

If you visited the siting room where he spends much of his days you would know.

On the wall Jeanie saw a Bible text written in very, very large letters.

Galatians 6:14

But God forbid that I should glory,

save in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ.

That gives more than a hint doesn’t it!

And wouldn’t you like to hear him preach the cross? One more time?

Perhaps he will. Or perhaps he did, to that small congregation, Jeanie and her two friends, at his mountain home.
God forbid that I should glory … save in the cross.

That’s good to hear on Good Friday.

Leighton Ford

April 3, 2010

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