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Bad News for Bullies

June 23, 2014

Under this provocative title David Gergen has written a fascinating piece in the June 19 U.S.News and World Report … on servant leaders.

In contrast to the “bully boss” tyrant Gergen cites the increasing value given to “servant leadership,” citing Stephen Covey, Peter Drucker, Max DePree, and Ken Blanchard, all known for their strong religious commitments.

Increasingly, observes Gergen,

the best leaders are those who don’t order but persuade; don’t dictate but draw
out; don’t squeeze but grow the people around them. They push power out of the
front office, down into the organization, and become a leader of familiars.

Sound familiar?

It should. And Gergen knows it’s not new. As he points out

Christ taught his disciples that in order to lead, they must “wash one another’s feet,”
that they must serve each other, and that many who are first will be last and many
who are last shall be first.

That’s Jesus’ kind of Transforming Leadership I wrote about years ago. It’s encouraging to see it lifted up in U.S.News!

Leighton Ford

June 2006

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