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Awe Break

June 20, 2014

Some thoughts on adoration from a recent issue of Weavings stopped me in the tracks of a busy mind and busy day.

We are so used to running things. All day long we push buttons, turn keys, switch on lights … we act from the mindset of “making things happen.” We are used to being gods of sorts in our little worlds. To remember how things fundamentally are is to return to awe and adoration again and again …

But many of us are juggling so many needful things that we are run by our lives rather than living them as gifts from God. What if we could learn to stop for a moment many times a day? What if in those moments we could decide to notice the sheer miracle of being alive? We would then be taking awe breaks instead of coffee breaks.

(The Heart of Response-Ability. Gunilla Norris. Weavings. July/August 2008 16-17)

Would it be good for you to take “awe”break – right now?

Leighton Ford.
August 2008

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