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Artists of the Soul

June 23, 2014

The film Girl with the Pearl Earring portrays Johannes Vermeer’s famous painting of his servant girl Grete. When Grete sees the portrait of herself unveiled; her eyes grow wide; and she breathes to Vermeer, “You saw inside me!”

What would it mean for evangelism, if we learned to see as the great artists have seen?
In our post-modern world people are treated as numbers, replaceable parts, as screen names. They long not only to be “seen” but to be “inseen” … with insight!

And that is how Jesus sees! The great Van Gogh himself said:

Christ is more of an artist than the artists; he works in the living spirit and the
living flesh; he makes men instead of statues.

Jesus’ artistry is evident in how he saw people … beyond their sins … behind their behavior … beneath their problems … to their hearts. And he “reframed” them.
This is how he saw Simon, “You are Simon. Everyone sees and knows Simon the reed, impetuous, unstable. I see Peter, the rock man … on whom I will build my church!”

This is the evangelist as artist!

And evangelism for us may start with seeing “them” – whoever they are – with the eyes of Christ, and seeing that “they” are not just their behavior – but all that God made them to be and all they can be – remade in Christ!

Leighton Ford

September 2004

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