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A Treasure Uncovered, On A Monday Morning (Leighton)

July 12, 2016


I was going through some piles of stuff in my office/study and came across two or three books I had forgotten I had.

One is Diary of an Old Soul, a daily anthology of quotes from George MacDonald. And they are a treasure.

Sunday I was in a poor mood.  Not sure whether it was the hot and humid weather, summer cabin fever, lack of exercise, or a severe illness in a family member. But my mood was ‘poor me’.

Then Monday morning I read this from Macdonald.

Well mayst thou then work on indocile hearts

By small successes, disappointments small;

By nature, weather, failure, or sore fall;

By shame, anxiety, bitterness and smarts;

By loneliness, by weary loss of zest;

The rags, the husks, the swine, the hunger-quest.

Drive home the wanderer to the Father’s breast!


That suited my mood. My loss of zest.

No wonder C. S. Lewis thought that MacDonald seemed closer than any other writer to the Spirit of Christ.

He certainly spoke to me and I am grateful today.


Leighton Ford

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