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A Special Prayer Request (Mark Slaughter, IVCF)

February 3, 2018

Leighton asked me to send you a paragraph about my upcoming trip to Cambridge University (Feb. 2-10) for a large evangelistic Mission Week with IFES.  Lindsay Brown invited me to join him and Michael Green to participate and to learn and explore possibilities for adapting this model on American universities.  Mission Weeks have been a great catalyst for identifying and mentoring emerging evangelists across the U.K. and Europe.  There are daily free lunches (a talk and Q/A) on pertinent gospel themes, and daily evening sessions.  Please pray for students to have humble boldness and the Holy Spirit’s power as they engage their friends, and for many to explore and begin a life of following Jesus.

Personally, please pray for me as I lead prayer meetings, speak with students about Jesus, mentor/model evangelism to leaders, and ponder future implications in the USA for me personally and with other ministries.  And please pray for my physical, emotional, and spiritual health in this demanding week, especially after having some physical symptoms this past month (which are better!).  This week is a vital part of my own discernment journey regarding my future role with IVCF or elsewhere.

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