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A Prayer Through the Day

February 10, 2015

The final sentences of the 139th Psalm form a pattern of prayer throughout a day!

A morning prayer as I begin the day:
“Search me and know my heart”
is my heart centered right as I begin today?

A midday prayer, perhaps at noon:
“Test me and know my restless thoughts”
time to recognize thoughts that will not let go – to stop and be still!

An evening prayer as I look back on the day:
“See if there is any wicked (hurtful) way in me”
are there hurts I have caused, or received, which need forgiving and forgetting?

A bedtime prayer as I end the day:
“Lead me in the way everlasting”
the prayer of “compline” as the day is completed, and we rest in God’s hands.

Try this through today .. and other days!


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