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A Fear Of Witnessing? A New Book from Lon Allison (Leighton Ford)

March 27, 2017

Years ago when I first decided I wanted to learn to paint I took a course called  The Fear of Drawing.

I had a wonderful teacher named Nancy who knew most of us beginners were a bit apprehensive. I was. I had never done anything except doodle.

But that course – and Nancy’s encouragement – got me started on a journey as an artist that still continues.

I thought of that when I read my friend Lon Allison’s new book ImPossible. What we may think is impossible God can make possible through our real lives.

His book could  be called “The Fear of Witnessing” – about sharing our faith with others.

I have read books about evangelism as a “lifestyle.” This is about evangelism as a “lifestory.”

It’s how Lon and his wife Marie learned a lifestyle – prayer/care/share-  that has brought so many into the Great Story of God.

Here’s what Lon writes:

“Being a witness of God’s story – a story that provides a solution for every sorrow and sin – is a cool but rather gravitas sort of assignment. I can get overwhelmed by it. But then I try to remember that God doesn’t make mistakes and that He does His best work in us when we admit we can’t do it. That weakness opens the portal to power, as His Spirit takes the leader on the witness project.”

And also

“To witness is to cooperate with God and others to lovingly bring people, one step at a time, closer to Jesus Christ.”

That speaks to me.  I believe it will help many.

Get a copy. It’s readable and interesting. You can order it here.

And it may for turn a fear of witnessing into a lifestory  for you too.

Leighton Ford

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