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A Commencement Address (Steve Johnson)

May 15, 2017

Steve Johnson has been pastor, mentor, church planter, and member of LFM’s Point Group. Recently he had the opportunity to speak at his son’s college graduation. This is what he said…

I was asked by the President of Bethel University to speak at their commencement. I told him no because my son was going to be one of the graduates. He asked me to talk to my son and ask him if he would mind. I did and he thought it would be awesome.

This is a simple outline of what I shared.

I acknowledged how everyone looked the same and yet they took different classes, have different majors but even though today they looked the same with cap and gown, their parents, family and friends could pick them out of the hundreds graduating this year. Each are unique and the parents and loved ones are proud. I told them that I was just like the other parents and I have a special graduate today, my son David.

I looked at my son and told said those in attendance that the message I was about to share I would share with him privately if I didn’t have this opportunity. I invited those in attendance to listen in on a father/ son talk.

My points were very simple … I used physical posture to share my father/ son advice

1) Reach High – You have achieved a lot by graduating and following your dreams … I believe in you.
2) Reach Wide – Be inclusive. Build deep and meaningful relationships with all people.
3) Reach Low – Don’t walk by people in lowly positions and not notice them. Leave a legacy of being a man who lifted people up. Making a difference in this world begins with you helping one person.
4) Reach Deep – You have been raised in a family of faith and you have made a commitment of your life to Christ, but that is just the beginning of the wonderful journey ahead. God wants to use you to represent Him in this world

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