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Leighton’s Journal Jottings

March 7, 2023
My Journal Jotting
Today Jeanie and I went to the Billy Graham library to meet some visitors 
It was five years ago today that Billy’s memorial service was held there.
I remember how as we stood at the head of his casket a light from the
window lit up a shadow of the cross. And that in turn reminds me
of this poem – for the cross was always at the center of my brother-in-laws
preaching and following of Jesus.
Life under the cross – may the crucified and living Jesus  be lifted up
in all our lives today.Billy’s Cross

A Chinese scholar once told me,
“When Billy Graham came to China
he came not with a closed fist,
but an open hand.”

I wonder what opened Billy’s hand?

Later, at his mountain home,
I remembered what she’d said
when above his kitchen chair
I saw a small cloth banner reading:
“God forbid that I should glory,
save in the cross.”

Did he hang it there
as a reminder to himself?
That the cross is both a narrow gate
and a wide open welcome?
the place where God says
to people of every kind and condition,
“Come in. There’s room here for you”?

Is that why Billy the preacher
out of his own neediness
could stretch out an open hand to say
“There’s room here for you”?

Leighton Ford

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