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3 Steps To A New Vision For Your Life

March 29, 2016

Whenever I can, I ask people – particularly young people – “What is your vision?”

If they say “I don’t have a vision”, I reply “Well, if you did have one what would it look like? What do you dream?”

God gives us visions and dreams. But we can’t passively wait for them. We are to actively pray for a vision and to seek a vision from God’s Spirit.


I suggest a practical, three-step process for identifying God’s vision for you.

1. Observe

2. Reflect

3. Act



What is happening in the world around you? What are people thinking and doing? What are the fears, hopes, and dreams of people? What are their needs and desires? What is God up to in the world? Observe constantly and prayerfully, all the while listening to God. Whom is God pointing you towards – who needs to see and hear the Story God has entrusted to you?



Now, reflect on what you have observed. Think and talk about it. Pray about it and write in your journal about what you hear from God. Reflect from every possible angle, asking questions all the while. Study the Scriptures and seek what God is saying to you about reaching the people in your life with His Story told through your Story.



Finally, do something! Even if at first you only have the courage to act in a small way. Act in obedience to the vision God is revealing to you.

When God’s Vision becomes our vision our character is transformed. Then God can move us into our neighborhood, our circles of friendship and influence, our workplace, and our world and make us His storytellers.


Leighton Ford

Adapted from The Power of Story, 2015 (Leighton Ford)

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